The Hobbs Foundation works to improve outcomes for healthy growth and development of at-risk children and youth with grant-funded projects that promote school readiness, positive character development, responsible decision-making, and self-sufficiency. 

Our grantees demonstrate high-quality interventions relevant to critical need and engaged leadership that provides a clear plan of action in closing the opportunity gap for socio-economically disadvantaged children. Charitable partners of the Hobbs Foundation ensure financial sustainability and effective development strategies that deliver long-term impact for children in need.

The focus of our grantmaking policies is to fund organizations by way of direct, program-related initiatives that seek to improve the quality of life for children in need, providing opportunities that would otherwise be unaffordable. Applicants may apply for an extension or expansion of a current program, a new addition to their program curriculum or a special project that creates a positive impact on children in need. Requests for donations to general funds or operational expenses will not be considered.

To learn more about our grant-funded initiatives around the state, explore the map of our 2016-2017 grant recipients below.