The Hobbs Foundation was established in 2003 by Russell Hobbs and the Hobbs family, an organization founded to continue the charitable work of Mr. Hobbs former company, Blue Ocean Software; now, BMC Software. 

In it's inception, the Hobbs Foundation worked to expand on the company's philanthropic and social responsibility program, providing funding opportunities to non-profit organizations supporting abused, abandoned and neglected children in our Tampa Bay community.

The Hobbs Foundation has since established partnerships with charitable organizations across the state of Florida who have demonstrated evidence-based outcomes, long-term impact and financial sustainability in improving the well-being of children.  Our programs help to provide at-risk children with the tools they need to reach their full potential as productive and responsible members of the community. 

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Board of Trustees, The Hobbs Family

The Hobbs Foundation's governance of philanthropic initiatives and grantmaking strategy is established by Russell Hobbs and the Hobbs family, whose longtime investment in support of disadvantaged children has worked to remove the barriers to academic achievement, economic mobility and personal success for children living in foster care or in low-income households.

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Russell Hobbs, Executive Director and Founder

Russ Hobbs began his career as an information technology entrepreneur, founding his company, Blue Ocean Software, a leading developer of help desk, knowledge base resolution tools and systems management solutions.

Russ was recognized by the Entrepreneurship Society and the Office of Entrepreneurship and Liberal Arts of his alma mater, Wake Forest University, with the Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award for his contributions to the information technology and business development industry sectors.  Shortly after graduating from Wake Forest, Russ founded Blue Ocean Software with a help desk and asset management product he developed called "Track-It!"  Blue Ocean Software became an Inc magazine 500 fastest growing company which was later acquired by Intuit. 

In 2003, Russ turned his efforts to grantmaking and philanthropy as Executive Director and Founder of his family foundation in support of disadvantaged children in the Tampa Bay community, creating opportunities for children to thrive in a safe, nurturing environment, shape strong value systems and lead healthy, productive lives.

Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Photo Credit: dimnikolov

Amanda Long, Managing Director

Amanda has served as an advisor and administrator to the Hobbs family since 2004; managing the grants and research program, operations and investment strategies for the Hobbs Foundation.  In her time with the Hobbs family, Amanda has been responsible for the development of strategic program-related approaches and collaborative partnerships within the philanthropic community that drives regional grantmaking initiatives.  Her research provides key insights on social and economic trends that direct social investment strategy and yield measurable impact in addressing the needs of children and families.

Amanda's role in the Hobbs Foundation's grantmaking program works to evaluate the organizational effectiveness and program strategy of its funded partners, identify capacity-building opportunities and coordinate funding initiatives for high-impact non-profit ventures that reduce the risk factors associated with poverty, abuse and instability for foster and low-income children across the state of Florida.

Amanda received an Executive Certification in Grantmaking and Philanthropy with studies in finance and foundation investment management from New York University.


Roger Silk, Ph.D. CEO, Sterling Foundation Management, Board of Advisors

Roger D. Silk is widely recognized as a leading expert in the field of private foundations and charitable trusts. As a founder and board member of several non-profit organizations, former bond trader at the World Bank, and Stanford-trained Ph.D. economist, Dr. Silk possesses a unique blend of experience, practical knowledge, and theoretical insight which have enabled him to help build Sterling into the market leader that it is today.
Dr. Silk's expertise in the non-profit field is particularly deep. He has helped multi-million-dollar non-profits rethink how they do business and has led the complete restructuring of several charitable organizations. He has developed a wide range of successful philanthropic projects for clients. Projects include such diverse areas as development of scientific research laboratories, design of measurement programs to gauge the effectiveness of scholarship programs, preservation of environmentally sensitive areas through scenic easements, and development of curriculum for use in high schools nationwide.

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