The Children’s Home

The Children’s Home provides a family-centered residential group home for children who have suffered from abuse, neglect and abandonment. The Children’s Home seeks to create a home-like community that promotes a loving, nurturing environment that serves as a source of strength and stability for children in foster care. Their comprehensive program addresses the needs of children who have experienced chronic trauma, negative social behaviors and self-esteem issues and works to help children develop healthy coping skills and build positive relationships. Their individualized counseling model encourages children to discover their interests, develop their curiosities and build coping skills with caring support and positive mentorship. The Children’s Home’s Family Support services works to provide vital resources in support of state child welfare priorities of prevention and intervention to stabilize the increase in children involved in the child welfare system. Vocational and educational training, financial management, parenting classes and early intervention counseling services are provided to at-risk families, providing them the tools they need to support a stable and secure home for their children. The organization introduced the SEEDS (Supporting and Empowering Educational and Developmental Services) Program, a multi-disciplinary intervention partnership of local schools, community and family representatives. The program establishes a support system of service providers,  a collective force to reduce or eliminate barriers, working with at-risk families in providing a safe, nurturing home environment, a reduction in the instance of child abuse, and a focus on education and healthy growth and development for children in need. 

Kids Village therapeutic residential program serves children that are in the local Foster care system and have experienced abuse and neglect; some have been abandoned by their families. All of the children have mental health disorders and may be developmentally delayed. Due to the nature of their hardships, many of the children struggle with behavioral issues and lag behind their peers academically. The mothers and mother-to-be also have suffered from abuse and neglect and are faced with the added challenge of parenthood. Children’s Home Network along with the University of South Florida’s Behavioral Analysis program implements the Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) model that reinforces consistency and the reduction of negative behaviors. Each child’s individualized care plan focuses on therapy for emotional and mental healing, recreational activities for physical well-being and relationship building, and education to address learning challenges and prepare them for age-appropriate schooling and independent living. The CARES program detailed below plays a major role in realizing our goals and objectives. Campus Activities, Recreation and Education Services (CARES) initiative was established to provide year-round opportunities for the children and youth residing on our campus to participate in educational support and enrichment, recreational activities, events, field trips, and vocational training opportunities. These programs facilitate a greater perspective of new opportunities and new ways of life, while increasing cognitive development and social and cultural awareness.